I specialise in writing on film and television for industry PROS AND CREATIVE AGENCIES. I ALSO SPECIALISE IN writING non-fiction books, ebooks, AND ARTICLE WRITING FOR education, and lifestyle.



Creative and Media


Fiction and Non-fiction

Professional experience including MA: Literature and Culture

As well as being a regular ebook ghostwriter for a mystery genre fiction series, I'm currently writing a YA novel and have written a number of non-fiction books and a video game narrative.


Book: Everything you need to know: The Mind (Pillar Box Red Publishing LTD, 2018)

Book: Everything you need to know: Tommy Cooper (Pillar Box Red Publishing LTD, publish date TBC)

Book: Co-author, Everything you need to know: Kings and Queens Through the Ages (Pillar Box Red Publishing, 2018)

Book: BTS Army Unofficial Guide (Pillar Box Red Publishing, 2018)


Video Game: The Persistence 

Narrative and backstory games writer for The Persistence (Firesprite, July 2018)




Specialist field with over 10 years of professional experience

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T4EC : A technology in education exhibition company

Outstanding document with some excellent top ten tips. Niki has done a great job and taken on board feedback and revised as needed. Will definitely be using Niki for our future work.”