How to Build Your Email List

Email lists are the ultimate way to connect with new customers and stay in touch with existing clients. Of course, this all assumes that you have a fully loaded email list in the first place... So, do you want to know what to do if your subscribers are a little on the scarce side? You do?! Then read on...


1.     Network

At the beginning of your business or brand's journey, it is vital that you exhaust all forms of networking available to you. You can do this in person at breakfast clubs and so on, and you can do this online. If you can connect with people in your niche and get to know them, sooner or later social media like Twitter will start working for you. If you're feeling a little wobbly about the whole Twitter thing, watch this space for an article I have in the pipeline on this very subject.


2.     Webinars  

I am such a massive fan of the whole webinar explosion of late. I've used them to pick up some awesome tips from fantastic webtrepreneurs like the maestro, Mariah Coz, but also from Jen Carrington and Maya Elious - check these ladies out, truly inspiring stuff. Offering a free webinar on a subject within your niche on social media is a fab way to introduce a brand new audience to your product. Create lots of buzz by utilising an automated scheduler like Buffer in the lead up to your webinar debut. Ask all the visitors to your site generated through your frantic social sharing to sign up to your email list as a way to access the free webinar. This way, you get to both share your product, and build your list.


3.     New content sneaky-peaks

Think about your email list like the VIP area of a club. You want email followers to sign up to you and your brand and the best way to do this is to make them feel like they are being treated like a star. Treat them sweetly with new and brilliant content as a special sneaky-peak that goes out to them before the rest of the world. This step requires a bit of effort on your part (or mine if you hire me!). The content you publish needs to be creative, accurate, and high quality - you need to sound like the boss of your brand and product.


4.      Offer limited edition content

Content making is so important, and you have to do it right. Offer an incentive to subscribe to your list by producing exclusive content that doesn't go out to anyone else. You don't have to go too far away from the products and pieces that you have already produced, but make sure it is different enough so that your subscribers feel like the sparkly princesses and princes that they are.


5.     Exclusive list-only products

In a similar way to tip number 4, it's a good idea to create a set of free products that are only available to your email subscribers. Try to create tools, resources and ebooks that are relevant to your niche and make sure they work twice as hard for you. Send them out to your current subscribers and advertise them on your web page as an enticement for new subscribers to join your list (kind of like me!). 


Building your email list can be one of the few 'free' things you can do for your business. Check out the capabilities of these guys before you fork our for a professional: Canva, Buffer, Mail Chimp, and good old Twitter. If you include the software that comes pre-loaded on your laptop growing your email list can be done easily from the comfort of your own home - and for free.

Be creative with your talents and work hard to produce limited edition content and products that lure in a brand new bunch of subscribers who want to know more. Think of your list like a conversation between your brand and your customer, and remember, a happy email list is like a band of happy followers who want to be part of your cult.