I wrote The Persistence!


Oh my gosh, this was such brilliant fun! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a gig quite as much as I did writing the backstory, the lore, and the characters for The Persistence!

I mean, monthly coffee meetings to discuss the perils of deep space faster-than-light travel and how to get a ship to travel to a black hole? Wouldn’t you?!

And it goes to show, get a girl on board and you get a game with plausible and brilliant female characters: onboard the good ship Persistence, the captain, chief engineer, and chief security officers are all kick-ass ladies - and ladies I’d like on my team when the chips are down quite frankly. And you know what? I don’t think anybody has noticed. By that I mean that the world doesn’t appear to have started turning in the opposite direction just because there’s a video game out there with more than one woman who knows what she’s doing.

Between me finishing my bit and the release of the game, there were naturally a number of game-play changes and some story shifting around but I could not be prouder of being a part of one of the most successful PSVR games of the year. A big well done to the team over at Firesprite!