Why you need video content for your business

Having a supply of great video content, whether it’s ‘how to shampoo a dog’, or ‘this season’s latest styles’, has to be a vital part of any marketing campaign for your business.

You already know that having a great website with engaging written content pulls in customers and converts them from cyber browser to actual people through your door. Did you know though that video content works even better? Read on!

There are loads of ways you can use video content. Simple 'how to' pieces, vlogging, live video using Periscope, and webinars all make business sense. In fact, don't just take it from me, Maria Coz over at the brilliant Femtrepeneur website, explains that:

“Where as social media is close to 0.01%, email is close to 2-3%, webinars can convert attendees into buyers at 40 - 50% and up - regularly, in any industry.”

And why are we so interested in conversions? That’s because conversions are customers – your customers.

So, video content is the future of marketing for your business. It improves engagement, it improves conversion rates, and it keeps people on your page – improving your bounce rate too.

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