Killer Copy for Your Email Campaign

Killer copy is the best way to squeeze the most out of any email marketing campaign. Whether you’re using your email list to stay in touch with existing clients, or trying to attract new ones, creative and brilliant copy is the single best way to grow your business.


A substantial email list means you have direct contact with people who want to engage with you and your brand, business, or product. In turn, this well-nurtured list of willing subscribers will form the basis of any email marketing campaign you might have planned for the future.


This means that you need well-crafted, killer copy so you can both maintain contact with your customers, and drive new web traffic to your site and your product. Think of your list as the most important conversation you can have with your customers - both old and new.


It’s important to remember that everyone on your list gave their personal email address to you, free of charge. The copy you send out, be it a newsletter, a free resource, or an ad, is how you reward this loyalty.


But what happens when you run out of ideas?


I have two simple ways to add value to your email list. Both involve killer copy that has the potential to yield fantastic results - all with the power of the written word.



Newsletters are great for keeping your subscribers and potential customers up to date but killer copy means they can be a creative space too. Making an engaging newsletter that people want to read is the bedrock that forms any customer contact. Making a set of high-value materials, deals, or offers that you give exclusively to subscribers makes everyone on your list feel special and loved. These could be ‘how-to’ guides or even short videos from behind the scenes of your business.

Reward subscribers for giving you their email address with niche content that cannot be found elsewhere on the web or your site. Newsletters like this generate buzz and can be a great way to drive traffic to your page as well as to increase awareness of your brand and product.



Exclusive list-only products

Leading on from a groovy newsletter filled with great content, having products designed especially for your email list is a great way to engage your customer. This is where killer copy allows you to be innovative with your brand. Design a series of tools, resources and ebooks that are relevant to your business and put them to work for you. Products and resources can be sent out instead of, or as part of, your newsletter and can also be advertised on your web page as an enticement for new subscribers to join your list. Killer copy that works to build your empire is essential for any business.


Making and giving content that is relevant to your brand, and your niche may seem counter-intuitive but free content through newsletters, webinars and freebies generate great leads and is well worth investing in. If you’re looking to make your brand the leader in your field, these easy wins will build your reputation and provide you with a healthy subscribers list. Don’t forget, your subscribers are an army of dedicated followers who want to engage with your business.


Working with a great copy writer (like me) to produce killer copy takes all the hard work out so you can concentrate on what you know best: your business.


Get in touch with me today to see how I can help you with killer copy...