Why brand film works

Video is not only THE big buzz word for B2B comms in 2018, but it looks set to gain even more traction in the new year.


Brand films work because we prefer watching videos to reading text (Ed. Except, not this reader right here! Some of us prefer the written word, but I’m a writer, go figure). According to Cisco, by 2021, 80% of online trafficwill be video based. And with a whopping 9 billion internet video users, this kind of data translates to real significance in the B2B sphere – the corporate world needs to jump on board the video train if it has any hope of competing for the attention of internet users from all walks of life including the business professional and executive.


The very best brand films aren’t about overt selling techniques or brand signalling. Instead, they sell the ethos and values of big businesses and brands in a creative, imaginative way that connects and resonates with the intended audience.


The shopping cart whisperer

A great example of this is the Verisign Shopping Cart Whisperer film. Have a little look, you’ll like it!

This one works because it gets the audience on side. We feel all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings and we might even have a little smile to ourselves – the horse whisperer concept applied to shopping trolleys? Yes please.


The film finishes with a link (no longer working I’m afraid!) that ultimately directs clickers to Verisign’s service – sold as the solution to ecommerce cart abandonment.


So, in summary, this one works because it runs at a comically creative tangent and personifies the poor abandoned shopping trolleys all alone in the wild to the ones we all have no problem abandoning in the cyber world. In other words, it gets us to think differently and offers a real-world solution to a real-world commerce problem.


Just a little look into the fabulously creative world of brand film – stay tuned for more!

I wrote The Persistence!


Oh my gosh, this was such brilliant fun! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a gig quite as much as I did writing the backstory, the lore, and the characters for The Persistence!

I mean, monthly coffee meetings to discuss the perils of deep space faster-than-light travel and how to get a ship to travel to a black hole? Wouldn’t you?!

And it goes to show, get a girl on board and you get a game with plausible and brilliant female characters: onboard the good ship Persistence, the captain, chief engineer, and chief security officers are all kick-ass ladies - and ladies I’d like on my team when the chips are down quite frankly. And you know what? I don’t think anybody has noticed. By that I mean that the world doesn’t appear to have started turning in the opposite direction just because there’s a video game out there with more than one woman who knows what she’s doing.

Between me finishing my bit and the release of the game, there were naturally a number of game-play changes and some story shifting around but I could not be prouder of being a part of one of the most successful PSVR games of the year. A big well done to the team over at Firesprite!

Is it April already?


So, April has come around once again. The showers are showering, the spring is a-springing, and all around the fresh new shoots of hope and growth are peeking up from the ground.

Here at Rocket Smith, things have been heating up a-pace as well.

With a magazine article out right now, a book in the publishing process as we speak, another book in the typing phase, and The Persistence announcing a July release date (I cannot wait), the fruits of my labour are about to go public, very public.

This is a little odd and very lovely. 

I've also got some great clients and new ones popping up all over the place - a busy freelancer is a happy freelancer!


Christmas Round Up!


Phewee! As I write, I'm charging into a packed final week of work before I take a nice break over Christmas. 2017 has been an interesting year...

Earlier this year, I finished writing my first computer game narrative. It's very cool and I'm very proud of myself. It's called The Persistence and it's a VR first person shooter, horror/sci-fi, procedurally generated belter of a game - coming to a shelf near you soon. Watch this space!

I've been doing lots of work with a range of clients of all shapes and sizes that has kept me on my toes (and then some!). As ever, happy clients make for a happy writer and I'm grateful that most of my one-off jobs translate into recurring gigs.

Finally, I've been putting a lot of time and effort into building up my creative portfolio. I'm knee-deep into three AWESOME projects about which I can tell you not a thing. Let's just say, 2018 is already shaping up to be another fantastic year here at Rocket Smith Towers.


Wherever, or however this festive season finds you, I'll sign off now with a heartfelt, jolly merry Christmas. Here's to a rocket-fuelled start to 2018!


Why Words Matter


Words matter. Good words, in particular, really make the difference. Whether you're talking to your friends, jotting down notes in a meeting, or trying to populate your website, good words, written beautifully, are the difference between success and mediocrity .

Human beings love a good story, and words are the very best way to deliver your story, right to the heart of where it counts most.

Whatever or wherever in the world that can be imagined, can be expressed through the power of the written word. If you want to engage with your target audience and really make your message pop, the words you choose count more than anything else on your site.

Working with a great writer (like me!) adds value and converts leads and prospects into clients and business.

Styles and types

Whatever the scope of your message, from the most complex, to the very simple, there is a style of writing out there to suit every possible topic and every possible brand:

  • Long and short form articles
  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Pithy witty snippets
  • Academic and fully referenced pieces

Let's talk

My years of experience means I know how to tell your story. Right through from preliminary chat through to the finished product, I'll work with you to make sure your message connects with your audience full stop.


Killer Copy for Your Email Campaign

Killer copy is the best way to squeeze the most out of any email marketing campaign. Whether you’re using your email list to stay in touch with existing clients, or trying to attract new ones, creative and brilliant copy is the single best way to grow your business.


A substantial email list means you have direct contact with people who want to engage with you and your brand, business, or product. In turn, this well-nurtured list of willing subscribers will form the basis of any email marketing campaign you might have planned for the future.


This means that you need well-crafted, killer copy so you can both maintain contact with your customers, and drive new web traffic to your site and your product. Think of your list as the most important conversation you can have with your customers - both old and new.


It’s important to remember that everyone on your list gave their personal email address to you, free of charge. The copy you send out, be it a newsletter, a free resource, or an ad, is how you reward this loyalty.


But what happens when you run out of ideas?


I have two simple ways to add value to your email list. Both involve killer copy that has the potential to yield fantastic results - all with the power of the written word.



Newsletters are great for keeping your subscribers and potential customers up to date but killer copy means they can be a creative space too. Making an engaging newsletter that people want to read is the bedrock that forms any customer contact. Making a set of high-value materials, deals, or offers that you give exclusively to subscribers makes everyone on your list feel special and loved. These could be ‘how-to’ guides or even short videos from behind the scenes of your business.

Reward subscribers for giving you their email address with niche content that cannot be found elsewhere on the web or your site. Newsletters like this generate buzz and can be a great way to drive traffic to your page as well as to increase awareness of your brand and product.



Exclusive list-only products

Leading on from a groovy newsletter filled with great content, having products designed especially for your email list is a great way to engage your customer. This is where killer copy allows you to be innovative with your brand. Design a series of tools, resources and ebooks that are relevant to your business and put them to work for you. Products and resources can be sent out instead of, or as part of, your newsletter and can also be advertised on your web page as an enticement for new subscribers to join your list. Killer copy that works to build your empire is essential for any business.


Making and giving content that is relevant to your brand, and your niche may seem counter-intuitive but free content through newsletters, webinars and freebies generate great leads and is well worth investing in. If you’re looking to make your brand the leader in your field, these easy wins will build your reputation and provide you with a healthy subscribers list. Don’t forget, your subscribers are an army of dedicated followers who want to engage with your business.


Working with a great copy writer (like me) to produce killer copy takes all the hard work out so you can concentrate on what you know best: your business.


Get in touch with me today to see how I can help you with killer copy...